Announcing Hidden Pass Demo!

Greetings from GG Studio!

It is been a while since we have opened the page and we’d like to share a few essential points from the upcoming Demo.


What is the Demo about?

First — the beginning of Hidden Pass story. You will learn what Elyrium is and why it is so valuable for the main game Factions.



How first colonists have been suffering, but established first colonies.



And you will meet the Heroes of the First Deep Expedition in the Depths of Elyrium Belt.



Of course, the Demo demonstrates the combat mechanics and basic systems. However, it isn’t the final design and we are updating combat in future.



I’m a content creator, where can I get Hidden Pass logo and art?
You can contact us on the Discord server. Or you can write to us directly on email: Our website is in progress and when it is ready, you will find all materials there.


What is Next?

From September, we are going to post dev diaries monthly to keep you up-to-date about development and to stay in touch. You can comment and write your feedback here on steam or via Discord, it is much appreciated.

Thank you,
GG Studio team.