Dev diary. October 2023. Hidden Pass. Turn-Based RPG

It is well known That October is a busy month for the game developers. All month long, we have been hard at work developing the Global Map. So, our studio is no exception.

At the moment, it contains : the Tower — the key structure and your base of operations; and the Eolites — islands of different sizes floating in the air, which you can colonise for resources and experience and other perks.

As well as being resource points, eolites are also your outposts.Small bases, if you like. You can build and upgrade facilities on them, and maintain a defensive garrison. Most importantly, conquering eolites increases your faction’s influence, which is one of key elements of the story’s narrative that leads you straight to the Gates about which you can learn about in the game’s prologue.

Hidden Pass has elements of Songs of Conquest.

As we said before, our work was inspired by many great games: Age of Wonders 4, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, its more modern spiritual successor- Songs of Conquest . Of course, conquering new lands is not an easy feat. These mysterious lands are populated by all sorts of morbid creatures.

The gameplay involves a dynamic expansion from one eolite to another until the player reaches the End Goal.

The path to victory will not be easy, and a quick rush will not be possible due to the many obstacles. The exploration of the wild eolites implies battles with monsters, which get stronger the further you delve into the Belt. If you didn’t invest in upgraded automatons, better heroes and abilities for them,your conquest will be nothing but exercises in futility.

The Gate is the key to the Elyrium Belt.Do not hesitate! You are not alone in the Elyrium Belt. There are rival factions who also have the Gates in their sights.

The Gate doesn’t want to be taken over, it evolves, and its power grows with it . So do the dangers that await the player.

Elyrium Emissions. They will keep you on your toes, as each emission brings all sorts of nasty events that can happen anywhere in the Belt. Neither the Tower nor the garrisons on your eolites can escape the consequences. All you can do is prepare for trouble. Your rivals will face the same issues — all are equal to the Gate.


That’s the broad outline of what we’re doing now. Most of the mechanics are already written and are in development. We will keep you updated with more detailed screenshots and videos as they become available.

In the alpha version — our main goal is to create the basic gameplay of Hidden Pass, so that it is playable but with a limited pool of enemies and facilities.

Develop your faction, advance deeper into the Belt, gather resources and repeat! Getting stronger and better fit for challenges ahead.

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