Dev diary. November 2023. Hidden Pass. Turn-Based RPG

Greetings Friends!

We are almost done with its general features.

Global Map

We have finished the basic movement between Eolites and, finally, have managed to get our Zeppelins to doc to the land properly in all kind of situations: whether Eolite is overrun with monsters; or it’s occupied by your competitors; or it’s guarded by enemy Zeppelin… etc.

Properly entering combat state is an important milestone. In Hidden Pass you can encounter a fight en route to your next Eolite , and also on the land itself in an attempt to claim the land for yourself.

It’s very important for us to make a visually appealing global map since that’s the place where the players will spend most of their time planning their journey through the Belt . Our VFX artist did an amazing job bringing the environment of the global map to life. (and more improvements of the background are on the way!). We took some notes from Space Rangers 2, where the map is simple, yet beatiful.

Player Outpost. Slowly, but surely we are working on the Tower. Tower is the player’s main base of operation. Its design, main interactions and concept art are done. First iteration of 3D model is almost complete and will be presented in the following month.

CombatAt the same time as developing the Global Map, we are adding some small changes to the Combat System: new VFX and animations. These changes will be available in March Alpha Version!

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