Dev diary. December 2023. Hidden Pass. Turn-Based RPG

Greetings, Friends!

The year is about to be over. Looking back on the year, we have made a tremendous amount of progress!  We end this year with excitement in our hearts! We now know how Hidden Pass feels. Yet, there is much work to be done in the upcoming year.

To have fun — that’s what matters. Our main goal is to see our vision of Hidden Pass through and show this vision to the players. We plan to give a glimpse of it in the Alpha, coming in Spring 2024, and to start the testing of the main gameplay so we can polish the game properly.

Now, back to DevDiary for December 23. This month, we concentrated on finishing core gameplay of the Global Map and did some work on combat.


This month we introduced the Wanderer’s Tower. It serves as your main hub, which you will expand and upgrade.

Staging of construction is an important aspect of the Tower. The main building has three tiers of upgrades, and with each new tier, more options become available. For example, your garrison’s capacity increases, new buildings unlock and old ones can now be upgraded to higher tier, your income, directly linked to the main building, increases.

Our game features seven distinct facilities, which all have specific gameplay importance:

Academy — learning new abilities;
Factory — production of Automatons;
Logistics Center — communication and interaction with your faction;
Air Dock — production and improvement of zeppelins;
Research Center — technology research;
Wanderers’ Hall — managing your characters;
Astral Stone — placement of the Tower on the Global Map.

Yes — you can move your base! Tower’s whereabouts influence your income, reinforcements for your expeditions to the depths of the Belt, defensive strategy.

Safeguard your base! Its loss spells doom for your adventures.

You will oppose the Gates. All kinds of monsters will spill from beyond them in an attempt to thwart your progress and attack your colonies as well as your Tower.

Elyrium Eruption — is an important game mechanic. As time passes, the Gates accumulate energy. When the threshold is reached, all of that awesome power is released beyond the gates in a quick burst. This troubling event is known as Elyrium Eruption. It will lower the quality of life, so to speak. Less income, More monsters, frequent attacks, special events. Your task is to live through it.


Combat went through a huge overhaul: movement has been changed; new ways to interact with the environment — push enemies to their doom or throw a tree to the enemy’s face!

The map became smaller in size, but richer in gameplay. With the new Push mechanic, players will find it useful in this compact space filled with intractable objects.

New Content — heroes can now gain experience and level up to gain new expertises or upgrade an old one!

There will be 7 hero classes in Hidden Pass: Nature mage, Astral mage, Ranger, Engineer, Rogue, Warrior, Acolyte.

Each class will have several starting specializations to choose from. For example, an Astral mage can choose to be an Adept of the Chaos, a Mage of Space and Time, or to be a Necromancer.

You can choose your Class and Specialization during the Recruitment process, but won’t be able to change it later. But through upgrading different aspects of your character, you will be able to learn expertises fit for your play style.

Thanks for reading our December DevDiary! We hope you found them interesting.
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