Dev diary. Achievements in 2023

We will make our Combat Demo public in one or two weeks or so. That is why this month we would like to share in Dev diary with you our achievements in development so far.

The demo consists of some lore parts and two combats (of course, it isn’t the final version). You will be able to hear how the story begins.

Most of the economic mechanics and combat are based on Elyrium. And in the story intro, a player will hear why this mineral is so important.



Furthermore, It will be explained through the prologue how the main faction appeared on Elyrium Bet and what this location hides. The main character of the Prologue will lead the deep expedition and you will be playing for him.

During the expedition, there will be a couple of combats. They will demonstrate the core combat features of Hidden Pass. They are now final, but you are able to see the way of design. We definitely know what we want from combat, but we need some time to improve it after we finish the global part of the game.

But the main concept of combat will stay anyway:
— Battlefield layers. The combat sprawls in 3 separate interactable layers. Every layer contains objects on which characters can move.
— Elyrium Madness. Each used ability brings you closer to death because Elyrium drives you mad. The more this track of Elyrium Madness is filled the higher the damage your abilities cause.
— A player has only 4 active characters during combat, so it is necessary to choose your party carefully.
— Automatons. They are Craftable Combat Units.



All this brings us to a dynamic tactical fight, which is our main focus in combat. We want to give a player a great experience: on the one hand, you should not be bored by long exhausting battles, on the other hand, such battles must be tactically very deep, where a player must think about each move.

Next post we will explain the main global mechanics as, you know, we have 4X Strategy elements in the description.


We hope you enjoyed this journey with us! If you have more questions or would like to throw a few ideas our way, then join Hidden Pass on Discord, and follow us on Twitter! Don’t forget that we also have a kickstarter page and will launch campaign in Q1 2024.